Revolving Documents

By Rene Gisler on
Revolving Documents#1 – Narrations of the Beginnings of Performance Art. Scientific Exchange Conference at the Museum Tinguely in Basel . 9. and 10. of June 2022

Concept of the Conference

Different narrations of the beginnings of Performance Art, a translocal movement, is the focus of the conference. Leading international scholars and artists will investigate the strategies with which museums, galleries, but also historians and artists have reconstructed and represented, the beginnings of this field of art and activism. Further we will address collaborative strategies and networking labour. And finally, we discuss different methodologies for researching the beginnings of Performance Art today.

Sign up and admission fee

Therse’s no sign up necessary for the conference and the event is free of charge.

Program – June 9/ first day
10.30 – Welcome & Introduction

Welcome – Christian Ritter (Vice Dean HSLU –D&K)
Introduction – Sabine Gebhardt Fink (Dr., Prof. at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

11.00 – Panel I: What Beginnings?

Dror Harari (Dr., Lecturer at Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University)
Competing Historiographies: The Marginalization of 1970s Israeli Action and Performance Art

Claudia Madeira (Dr., Assistant Prof. at New University of Lisbon, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities) Fernando Matos de Oliveira (Dr., Associate Prof. at University of Coimbra, Department of History, Archeology and Arts)
„From (proto)performance to reenactment. Similarity and Anachronism in (Portuguese) Performance Art History“

Andrea Bátorová (Dr., Assistant Prof. at Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Arts, Slovakia)
Mapping the dimensions of asymmetric performance art histories: investigating Velvet Revolution as turning point for formation and framing of narratives of performance art in former Czechoslovakia

12.30 – Lunchbreak
14.00 – Panel I: What Beginnings? – second part

Andrej Mirčev (Dr., Lectures at UdK Berlin)
Transgenerational Pathos Formula of Performance Art in  Yugoslavia

Katalin Cseh Varga (Dr. at Hertha Firnberg Fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)
Kornélia Deres (Dr., Assistant Prof. at ELTE University, CEU-IAS Research Fellow, Budapest)
Narrative Turns in Central European Performance Art History

Stephen Greer (Dr., Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Scotland UK)
From the miraculous to the radical: towards a methodology for researching live art and performance art in Scotland


16.00 – Panel II: Who’s Narrations?

Heike Roms (Dr., Prof. at University of Exeter UK)
To Begin at the Already Begun? Narrating Wales’s “first” Happening (1965)

Andrea Saemann, Chris Regn, Muda Mathis, Lena Eriksson (curators of «BANG BANG – translocal hi:stories of performance art», Museum Tinguely Basel)
Revolving Hi:stories, the project

Dorothee Richter (Dr., Prof. at University of Reading UK and Head of the PhD-Program in Curating at Zurich
University of Arts)
Fluxus Narrations: Yoko Ono as example

Séverine Fromaigeat (Curator Museum Tinguely Basel)
Making room for different bodies and subversive actions: Is performance art a tool for emancipation?


19.00 – Evening lecture

Performance Lecture Symposium with Dorothea Rust (performance artist Zurich)


Program – June 10/ second day
10.00 –  Welcome with Sabine Gebhardt Fink
11.00 –  Panel III: Which research methodologies?

Sabine Gebhardt Fink (Dr., Prof. at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Head of the MFA Program)
Revolving performance: communicative memory as a category to research performance art

Hanna Barbara Hölling (Dr., Prof. and responsible in the SNF Performance project HKB Bern) and her Team: Prof. Valerian Maly, Dr. Jules Pelta Feldman, Emilie Magnin
„What is Performance? Conservation, Materiality, Knowledge“

Oriana Fox (Dr., Associate Lecturer in BA Fine Art Critical Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London)
„Full Disclosure: self-exposure as feminist performance art practice and research methodology“

Group discussion

13.00 – Lunchbreak
14.00 –  Panel III: Which research methodologies? – second part

Sandra Sykora (Dr. iur., M.A:, candidate and research associate in the SNF project “Flüchtiges Sammeln”
”Performance Art: The Legal Perspective”

Tancredi Gusman (Dr., Assistant Professor, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”)
Unfolding Documents

Sibylle Omlin (Independent Researcher, Zurich)
Oral history and Performance Art

Group Discussion


student’s contributions
with student’s in exchange and collaboration with Elisabeth Nold Schwartz HSLU – D&K
Elena Maspoli, Third Space
Bettina Mürner, The painter is present

19.00 – Visits of the exhibition

Introduction Exhibition by the curators
Followed by Margarit von Büren & Judith Huber Curators of Regional video program Central Switzerland

22.00 – End


program as pdf.


in collaboration with:

BANG BANG -translokale Performance Geschichte:n
an intiative of Performance Chronik Basel realised in partnership with Museum Tinguely as a subproject of Revolving Hi:stories
7 June – 21 August 2022

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Networking Performance Art Histories, MAS Curating ZHdK, Museum Tinguely, BANG BANG, HSLU – D&K

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