Reapproaching Research Processmanagement

By Vera Leisibach on

It has become normal to use the standards of traditional project management approaches in applied research projects. This project assumes that the standard project management approach is however not adequate because applied research projects are usually transdisciplinary and characterized by a high amount of uncertainty and complexity. Transdisciplinarity research has developed out of close attention to the interaction between the mode of research, its contents and its impact. Our literature review shows that there is a growing body of literature coming from transdisciplinary research that could advise applied research projects on an integrative process project management (IPPM) approach. This can be categorized in four principles that should guide an IPPM approach. The principles are dialogue, materiality, iterativity and flexible time planning as well as closeness and distance to the research object. The project will integrate concrete experiences and methods coming from other disciplines such as art-based research, IT management and regional development that might add further insights to the findings of the recent state of the art in transdisciplinary research and develop a new basis for process management.
Julie Harboe, with Dr Patricia Wolf, the artists Ronny Hardliz, Stefan Gritsch and participants from LUASA School of Engineering and Business