Master Dialog zu Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum

By Rene Gisler on
Thursday, 23 November 2017, Public Lectures on New Artistic Practices in Public Spheres: Site Specifity, Urban Tactics and Activism
Master Dialogue Art Education & Art in Public Spheres & Critical Image Practices & Research Installation Art in Public Spheres. Master Fine Arts – Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

This conference will position and reflect traditional notions of cultural practices in the public sphere–art in context, participation, and activism–in relation to some of the most recent strategies and forms of cultural production today, namely: critical institutional practices, spatial agencies, and commonings. Considering these fields as specific contextualized arenas, the underlying paradigmatic positions will be disclosed through presentations by representative contemporary cultural producers. Mutual questions to be focused during the event include the following: What are the respective issues in current discourses, especially in light of the current rise in so-called populism? What strategies and forms are adequate in addressing such contemporary issues, and what are the difficulties in the face of the mediatization of cities, policies of (mis)representation and de-democratization? In our discussions we will focus on contemporary popular uprisings, assemblies and occupations–including Occupy Wall Street, Tahrir Square, Gezi Park, Black Lives Matter, and the Indignados, as well as on Judith Butler’s theory of assembly through performative, embodied dissent.

Bild: Mirjam Steffen

Concept and Organization

Linda Cassens Stoian, Patric Fasel, Sabine Gebhardt Fink, Marion von Osten, Peter Spillmann

Featuring a research installation by Timothy Studer

and students 
Master Fine Arts, Major Art in Public Spheres:
 Debora Gerber, Christina Haupt, Nicole Heri, Yvonne Imhof, Stina Kasser, Thomas Leiser, Reto Lienhard, Lorena Linke, Violetta Szikriszt, Stefan Tschumi, Paula Weimann

Place and Time

Thursday, 23 November 2017
Theorieräume Master Kunst 345 und 351
Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst
Nylesuisseplatz 1
6020 Emmenbrücke

  • 9.30 Welcome and Introduction Concept Group
  • 10.00 Urban Tactics/ Participation
    Moderator Linda Cassens Stoian
  • 10.15 Lecture Katherine Clark, London (partner of the MUF organization, which is a collaboration of artists and architects and urban designers)
  • 11.00 Helen Leung (Co-Executive Director of LA-Más), Community Urbanism and Grasstops Activism: A Los Angeles Perspective
  • 11.45-12.30 Lunch Break and discussion installation
  • 12.30 Strategies of Site Specifity
    Moderators Marion von Osten/Peter Spillmann
  • 12.45 Lecture Joanna Warzsa, curator of public art Munich 2017,
  • 13.30 Lecture Lisa Rosendahl, curator of Public Arts Agency Sweden series “Industrial Society in Transition”
  • 14.15 Coffee Break open discussions
  • 14.30 Activism / Commonings
    Moderators Patric Fasel/ Sabine Gebhardt Fink
  • 14.45 Lecture Dana Yahalomi, Israel (Member Public Movement)
  • 15.15 Lecture Tanja Ostojic, Berlin (artist)
  • 16.15 Coffee Break open discussions
  • 16.30  Agents of Social Change. Ilan Manouach, workshop, Athens/Paris (artist)
  • 17.30 Keynote Lecture Joe Parker, Claremont CA (Professor for International and Intercultural Studies (Pitzer College): Performative Theory, Art and Activism
  • 18.30 -19.30 Aperitif