Call for Applications: Four master-thesis projects in relation to research-project

By Vera Leisibach on

The Master of Arts in Fine Arts (Art in Public Spheres and Art Teaching) Programme offers in collaboration with the Competence Center Art & Public Spheres at the Lucerne School of Art and Design four master-thesis projects in the following research fields:
– Collecting and Mediating the Ephemeral (timebased art, collecting strategies, and mediating concepts); advisors: Rachel Mader/Sabine Gebhardt Fink
– Documenting Participation; advisors: Rachel Mader/Peter Spillmann
– Art, Design, & Social Innovation; advisors: Bettina Minder/Peter Spillmann
– Narrations in New Displays (Social Media and Public Viewing); advisors: Fred Truniger/Sabine Gebhardt Fink

Additionally, there is the possibility to apply as assistant in the Master of Arts in Fine Arts Programme.
Call for applications

Themenpool Download Vorschläge 1–5

MAThemenpool2014-FDK_Flüchtiges Sammeln

MAThemenpool2014-FDK_Partizipation dokumentieren

MAThemenpool2014-MAPS_MAT_Art Handling


MAThemenpool2014-MAPS_MAT_Zeichnung Analog:Digital


Sabine Gebhardt Fink, Director Master of Arts in Fine Arts Programme
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Lucerne School of Art and Design
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