ifi – images finding images

By Vera Leisibach on

The ifi – images finding images – application is a collaborative platform for sharing, working with and thinking about drawings. Images can be selected viewed and classified based on the users‘ choices. Finding images with images enables a comparative analysis which focusses on the quality of lines and depth, expression. This brings about a basis for understanding drawings in the context of the arts but also a number of other settings where drawings are used for diagnosis or for understanding a the transformation of a particular state of mind or the implications of drawings as a tool in other practical contexts. ifi is based on the art based research project of the enterpriselab.ch(Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Engineering & Architecture), the techtrans facilitatorEmergence Tech, Geneva, and the MUSIC Project led by Prof. Nabil Abdennadher (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, HES_SO) supported by This interface has been developed by Anthon Astrom and Lukas Zimmer in collaboration with Johnny Nia and the R&D of the art school.

The goal of this project has been to invent a user friendly interface and we think that we have succeeded on that and hope that you will have fun and be inspired using it. However, though the GIFT-backend is decent it is also a bit old and rusty for our current day demands. We can all use this version of the tool for testing and expanding our ideas and insights into images finding images. In a new version we will keep the interface and be working on a more drawings focussed algorithm, faster uploading etc.

Feel free to upload your drawings and be conscientious about what you leave for others to work with. We have also decided in this early stage to only use initials to leave the drawings to „do the talking“. http://music.enterpriselab.ch/pow/

Julie Harboe, Prof. Maria Lichtsteiner